Honors Physics Unit 1

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Unit 1 Assignments Circle Lab - Introduction info. for the circle lab Worksheet 1 - Graphing Practice Worksheet 2 - Trig. Review Problems Worksheet 3 - Metric Conversions Buggy Car Lab - Information on the lab report for the lab Buggy Car Lab Grading Rubric Worksheet 4 - x vs. t & v vs. t graphs Worksheet 5 - Quantitative x vs. t & v vs. t graphs Worksheet 6 - More graphs like worksheet 5 Worksheet 7 - Graphs & written desctiptions Worksheet 8 - Constant velocity word problems Worksheet 9 - Second set of constant velocity problems that are more challenging Exam Review - Unit 1 review on constant velocity and graphing
Unit 1 Pencasts ** You must download this to your computer, do not click on the link . . . you won’t get the audio portion if you just click on the link Pencast 1 - Position vs. time graphing examples Pencast 2 - Velocity vs. time graphing examples Pencast 3 - A couple of example problems on right triangles and the metric system Pencast 4 - Worksheet 2 answer key with audio explanation Pencast 5 - Worksheet 9 example problems.  Watching this is homework and worksheet 9 will be done in class Unit 1 Answer Keys Worksheet 9 - A copy of the key, but you can’t print it out ** Will only be added after the due date **           in class Exam Review - A copy of the key used in class for the review ** Will only be added after the due date **           in class
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Circle Pre-Lab Video
Buggy Car Pre-Lab Video
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